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The decrease in volume per unit of pressure is defined as the 'compressibility' of the soil, and a measure of the rate at which consolidation proceeds is given by the 'coefficient of consolidation' of the soil.

On each run the tube diameter is reduced in order to assist in its recovery. If a cohesive soil is remoulded with increasing amounts of water, a point will be reached at which it ceases to behave as a plastic material and becomes essentially a viscous fluid.

British Standards define soils in relation to their particle-size. The natural or in-situ moisture content of a soil is defined as the weight of water contained in the pore space, expressed as a percentage of the dry weight of solid matter present in the soil.

Tests include: Sheer Vane Schmidt Hammer Plate Bearing Test Mexe –Probe Dynamic Plate [LWD] Dynamic Cone Penetrometer [DCP]. SACP & DCP Laboratory Products. Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer (SACP) The LabQuip Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer (SACP or MEXE Probe) is a lightweight. Standards. The ground investigation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Eurocode 7, in particular BS EN Eurocode 7 – Geotechnical.

  • Mexe cone penetrometer
  • mexe cone penetrometer
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mexe cone penetrometer

Operation of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

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Mexe cone penetrometer
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